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  I am an Italian writer and game designer, journalist and translator. I was born in Rome the day the Beatles started recording "I'm Only Sleeping" in the Abbey Road Studios, London. Seventh of eleven cousins, I luckly had the chance to play quite a lot since I was a child.

When I was still a student I started to make out a living from my gaming hobby: I graduated in Economics several years later. After some time of fandom, in 1982 I got my first game column on a magazine. In 1985 I became a professional journalist and published my first book and my first game. In 1988 I joined C.UnS.A., a group of Roman professional game authors. In 1999, the Italian Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione (Ministry of Education) nominated me "Expert game designer".

In this site, you can find a little overview of my books, games and other publications. Most of them appeared in Italian only, but some have been published or translated in a few more languages.

If you want, you can contact me at angiolino(at)