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Wings of War - Eagles of the Reich

modular boardgame  
Original Language Italian French English Dutch Spanish German Polish
Collection Wings of War 
Edition Nexus Editrice, Viareggio 2008 
Authors Andrea Angiolino & Pier Giorgio Paglia 
Illustrators Vincenzo Auletta 
Description Each Wings of War Squadron Pack includes a set of 72 new cards (half the cards normally included in a complete set of Wings of War) which expands on the existing games and allow the players to fly 3 additional planes. The ‚??Eagles of the Reich‚?Ě Squadron Pack adds more of the powerful Messerschmitt Bf 109E to the Axis forces in WW2 air battles. Three ‚??B‚?Ě maneuver decks are included, as well as 18 new airplane cards, including such diverse air forces as Luftwaffe, Romanian, Swiss, Jugoslavian, Slovensk, and even three planes of the ‚??Legion Condor‚?Ě employed during the Spanish Civil War. 
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