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Costruire i libri-gioco
Come scriverli e utlizzarli per la didattica, la scrittura collettiva e il teatro interattivo

book about games  
Original Language Italian
Collection Manuali educativi 
Edition Sonda, Casale Monferrato 2004 
Authors Andrea Angiolino 
Illustrators Luigi Castellani, Gianluca Meluzzi, Walter Venturi 
Description "Costruire i libri-gioco" is dedicated to enthusiasts and collectors of gamebooks, reviewing all the production of that kind of books. It is also dedicated to would-be authors, explaining them step-by-step how to write choose-your-own-adventure stories and transform them in computer hypertexts, that can also be put on the Web.
The book is also dedicated to teachers, librarians and moer in general people working with kids and teenagers, to explain them how the group reading and expecially writing of a gamebook can be an occasion of fun but also be inserted in a didactic activity.
All this with the taste for wandering, as in gamebooks themselves: in the pages of the book you can find complete short-stories and notes about boardgames, suggestions on how to make a choose-your-own-story theatre show and the description of a gamebook for little kids still unable to read. All this involving names as Borges and Calvino, Queneau and the Oulipo, Diderot and Umberto Eco.