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Interviste di fine millennio

collection of interviews  
Original Language Italian
Collection Backstage 
Edition Novecento GeC, Rome 2003 
Authors Andrea Angiolino 
Description This book collects interviews to singers, comic authors, actors and comedians appreciated by more than a generation of Italians and by many foreigners. These artists have been "freezed" at different stages of their career, revealing the less visible sides of their activity and the motivations under many of their decisions. In these pages you'll be able to meet the actor and comedian Claudio Bisio; Bonvi, the author of the Sturmtruppen comic strip; the singer Lucio Dalla; Augusto Daolio, leader of the Nomadi group; the group of Elio e le Storie Tese; the comedian and TV anchorman Gene Gnocchi; the singer and writer Francesco Guccini; the actor and comedian Paolo Rossi; Silver, the creator of the comic strip Lupo Alberto; the singer Roberto Vecchioni. Conversations are written exactly as they have ben taped, showing this people in the most natural way: reading them, you can almost hear them as if you were sitted by them at the same table in a pub.