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Biancaneve e i tre porcellini

role-playing game, expansion  
Original Language Italian
Collection I Giochi del Duemila 
Edition Quality Game, Rome 1996 
Authors Andrea Angiolino 
Illustrators Dario Calì 
Description This booklet, whose title means "Snow White and the Three Little Pigs", includes all the informations and materials that allow to play the role-playing game On Stage! in the world of the classic fairy tales. All of them are mixed in a single, twixted situation that the player have to face: there is a single Blue Prince that has to face Snow White, Cindarella and the Sleeping Beauty; the wolf has to deal with Red Little Hood and the Three Little Pigs; the Hunter hunting him is at the service of the Queen, Snow White's stepmother, but he has also a guilty secret since he abandoned his own very little son in the wood...
The booklet includes the special rules to setup the game, the places where to set up scenes in the fairy tale world, some special rules for particular characters, a list of magic items, some notes on the political structure of the fairy tale world (where there are quite a lot of queens, princes and kings), a list of 48 non-players characters and a crazy "Arabian Nights" variant lasting 1001 scenes instead than the usual 12/15.
The booklet includes also 11 cut-out character profiles and 11 "cardboard heros", staging the Evil Queen, Cindarella, the Wolf, the Hunter, the Blue Prince, Snow White, Jack of the Bean, the Sleeping Beauty, the Cat with the Boots, the Fox and Little Red Hood.