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Original Language Italian
Edition Armando Curcio Editore, Rome 1989 
Authors C.UnS.A. 
Description "Ecolandia" is a game about environmental problems. Players go around the board and each case has special effects. The map of Italy slowly covers itself of "Problem" cards; a special spot is used to keep "Problems" for the rest of the world.
To solve each problem, a specific combination of "Resources" is needed: laws, money, petitions, media campaign and so on. When a player has the right set, he can go on a ZAT case and roll the die: the result is compared to the difficulty level of the Problem. If he succeeds, he gets a certain amount of "Green points". Anyway, he looses all the resources.
The flavour of the game is given by the trading possibilities: players can cooperate, exchanging resources for other ones or for a certain amount of "Green points". They can choose to give them for a little amount of points, or to try the die to hope for a larger quantity.
The winner is the one collecting the most Green Points. But if in any moment the map of Italy is totally covered by problems, all the players loose.