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Elementare Watson!

Original Language Italian
Edition Armando Curcio Editore, Rome 1990 
Authors C.UnS.A. 
Description "Elementare Watson!" is a simple trivia game published in several issues in Italian newspaperkiosks. The first issue contained all you need to play and the other ones addiotional decks of question cards, together with a magazine and a collection of videotapes with Sherlock Holmes TV short movies.
The theme of the questions was mistery and murder, both in books/movies/tv/comics and in reality. A contribute to the questions has been given by the Italian game designer and Murder Party author Antonello Lotronto.
The map depicts London at the end of the 19th Century, A track leads from Scotland Yard to the Docks. Players start at Baker Street and advance when their answers are correct, while they go back if they are wrong. Some cases on the map allow interaction and duels between the players. The first one to reach the Docks arrests Mr. Moriartry and wins the game.