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Giocare con carta e matita

book about games  
Original Title Giochi con carta e matita  
Original Language Italian
Translated into Czeck Korean English
Collection I libri di Mondo Erre 
Edition Elle Di Ci, Leumann 1994 
isbn 8801102399 
Authors Andrea Angiolino 
Illustrators Sandro Lobalzo (& Andrea Angiolino) 
Description I am pretty fond of paper-and-pencil games: simple to learn, very rich in strategies and tactics. In Italy nobody will come out from a primary/secondary school without knowing several of them: but everybody know the same ones, while there are dozens more and pretty smart ones.
In the '80s I started a column of Paper & Pencil games on the university magazine "The Louis". When in 1991 the game magazine "E Giochi" was founded, they accepted the idea to make "Giochi con carta e matita": a little 32-pages supplement about those games. The publisher Elle Di Ci saw it and wrote a letter to ask me if I wanted to mek books for them... and "Giocare con carta e matita" was the first proposal.
This book collects 50 games to be played with paper & pencil, with comments and variants. Some of them are traditional, some are invented by more or less famous authors, a couple appear for the first time. A second section with a few strategy and tactics notes is included. 
Notes A review in Italian: