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Original Language Italian
Edition Clementoni, Recanati 1993 
Authors C.UnS.A. 
Description After the success of "Atmosfear", Clementoni asked C.Un.S.A. to design this game. It had to feature a VHS tape and to be published it just in time for the exit of "Jurassic Park" in Italian cinemas.
In "Dinoland", each player leads an expedition on an island that is going to be destroyed soon by a volcanic explosion, to save dinosaurs with their eggs, fossiles and cubs. Everything happening is determined by the videotape: Professor Darmin is at the screen of your tv as if he was at his spaceship window. The succession of events is known, after a few games: but the trick is that what the professor describes happens in the same area where the spaceship pawn is at the moment, so the strategy is to get near to it (or to move it in the most advantageous spot).