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Original Language Italian
Edition Qualitygame, Rome 1995 
Authors Andrea Angiolino & Giovanni Caron 
Description A game about globalization, far earlier than the subject became so hot. UNRAE, the Italian federation of car importers, commisioned this game to promote the idea of "world built car": if no car is totally built in a country, but it has components from all over the world, there is not so much sense in protecting the local car industries under the principle of "national cars".
Players try to get the best contracts all over the world to get components; they assemble their cars and sell them in Europe, America or Far East. They pay and are paid in dollars, yen and ECUs (Euro was still far away). Every action modifies the relative exchange rate between the three currencies. Quite an original element: by the way, it is not easy to tell who is exactly winning when your money can change relative value at every moment.