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Original Language Italian
Edition ADUSBEF & CODACONS, Rome 2001 
Authors Andrea Angiolino & Ennio Peres 
Description Two national consumers associations published this game in 170.000 copies to distribute it for free in the schools of the Latium region.
There is only a pawn in the game - an Euro coin - that moves around a path. In each of the 24 boxes of the path there is an item - a pen, a motorbike, a comic book, a cinema ticket and so on - with its price in liras. 24 counters depict the same item and price on one side, and the price in Euros on the opposite one: they are put on the table with the Euro side up.
The player in turn rolls the dice. All players have to guess where the coin will land and to put the finger on the Euro price matching the reached item. After they have done it, the coin is moved and the touched counters are turned to chech which one is the right one. The players touching it keeps it. In the following turns, it is also possible to take counters from the other players if the same item comes out. The winner is the one reaching a given number of items.
There is a "calmer" variant of the rules where only one player at a time tries to guess.