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Original Language German
Edition Winning Moves, DĂĽsseldorf 2001 
Authors Andrea Angiolino & Pier Giorgio Paglia 
Description Homerâ??s magnificent poem The Odyssey is a classic that everyone knows. Did the deceit of Ulysses actually take place this way, years ago? At a time when the Gods once again started feeling bored, Zeus proposed a game: each of the Gods should try to bring a person to secretly determined places. The one whose goals were to be first visited by the traveller should win the game.

Ulysses, on his way to Ithaca, was in the vicinity and so became unexpectedly caught up in the game of the Gods. In this game, the players play the role of the Gods. Each of them would like to bring Ulyssesâ?? ship on its fastest way to four different places, that only he knows. The person in turn would like to bring the ship on a course favourable for himself. The others, however, rarely agree and use their objection cards in order to change the route. The one who can bluff best and retains at the same time the control of the ship determines the route and reaches his goals most closely.