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role-playing game  
Original Language Italian
Edition Demetra, Sommacampagna 1992 
Authors Andrea Angiolino 
Illustrators Gianluca Meluzzi 
Description ‚??Mediterraneo‚?Ě is a mythic Role Playing Game where players can assume the roles of heroes of the classic age and have to face legends, monsters, perils and capricious deities of the Greek and Roman myths. It appeared for the first time as a bonus booklet attached to issue 5 of the bi-monthly Italian game magazine E Giochi, in January 1992. In March 1995 it has been reprinted as the first issue of the collection I Giochi del Duemila, or ‚??The Games Of the Two Thousands‚?Ě: a very cheap collection of games (the name "two thousands" refers to the millenium but also to the price of 2000 lire, lately became 1.03 euros). The collection will include RPGs, gamebooks, wargames and sport simulations; it will reach the number of 23 booklets, for a total of 30 authors.
Since its publication, ‚??Mediterraneo‚?Ě has been successfully used not only by regular players, but also as an introduction to RPG‚??s in schools and libraries for kids as young as 7 or 8 years old. But first of all, ‚??Mediterranean‚?Ě has been conceived as a game for players, not for educational use. Anyway, "Mediterraneo" and its spin-off "Orlando Furioso" have been a successful tool for teachers and librarians, and they helped to silence the very few that tried to attract the attention of media upon themseves importing foreign criticisms about supposed dangers of RPGs.
The little booklet includes a general introduction to RPG‚??s, rules, a Character Sheet, a complete adventure and a monster selection to help the Game Master to write further adventures. The one included, "The Amazon's Island", is a simple rescue of a magic item on a small Greek island with all the ingredients of the classic myth, from syrenes to cyclopes, from a forbidden city to an oracle and so on.