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Orlando Furioso
Il gioco di ruolo dei paladini di Re Carlo

role-playing game  
Original Title Orlando Furioso  
Original Language Italian
Edition Rose & Poison, Sanremo 2002 
Authors Andrea Angiolino & Gianluca Meluzzi 
Description The second edition of this game has been revised and enlarged. The part about the state of the art of RPG in Italy has non been included and the instructions on the didactic use has been deepely revised. Several rules have been added, for example giving more detail about magic and spells (that in the basic book are anyway only used by non-player characters). Several more monsters have been adeded to the bestiary, together with a list of typical human PNGs. There is a new section about magic items, all taken from Ariosto's and the other poems of this epic. There is also a section about the world of "Orlando Furioso" and the other poems: it is in the form of a "Guide to the World for Wandering Knights", so to be both nice to be read and full of ideas for the Master wishing to write his own adventures. The introductory adventure, "The patience of King Charles", is the same of the first edition.
"Orlando Furioso - Il gioco di ruolo dei paladini di Re Carlo" has been awarded a Special Nomination at the Best of Show contest of the Lucca Games show in november 2002.