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Basic West

role-playing game, expansion  
Original Language Italian
Collection Basic - Gioco di ruolo universale 
Edition Stratelibri, Milan 1997 
Authors Andrea Angiolino, Pier Giorgio Paglia, Marco Crosa & Stefano Pischedda 
Illustrators Stefano Baldo, Angelo Montanini & Eleonora Airaghi 
Description This is the first original Italian supplement for "Basic - Gioco di ruolo universale", the Basic RPG that Chaosium used as an introductory rule system for its.
This supplement is dedicated to the Wild West of cowboys, sheriffs and outlaws. It contains special rules for the setting, expecially about the character generation. Additional skills are provided: Tame Animals, Handle Explosives, Gamble, Drive Wagons/Charts, Drive Trains, "Lazo", Read/Write, Foreign Languages, Pilot Boats, Follow Tracks.
Detailed rules are also provided for firearms of that period, including the Gatling Gun machinegun, and for special combat situations such as firing at moving targets, saloon brawls with improvised weapons and shooting with two pistols at once.
The book includes notes about Wild West in the cinema. A rich historical section contains a chronology and notes on everyday life.
Three adventures complete the module: "Cacciatori di taglie", "La grande rapina al Golden Express" and "Un lavoro pulito".