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Gioco di ruolo in un lontano futuro

role-playing game  
Original Language Italian
Edition Kappa, 1991 
Authors Andrea Angiolino, Giuliano Boschi, Agostino Carocci, Massimo Casa & Luca Giuliano 
Illustrators Gianluca Meluzzi 
Description "CYB" is a post-apocalyptic role playing game set in a world conquered by plants. Players are cyborgs waking up after a centenary sleep: they do not even know their partly mechanical origin, but they discover it soon.
"CYB" has been published for the first time as an introductory RPG in the Italian monthly computer games magazine Kappa in january/february 1991. Polyhedric dice were rare in Italy at that time, so the system uses a deck of poker playing cards instead. The four characteristics of each character are hearts (feelings and capacity of suscitate symphaty), diamonds (willpower, self-control, being able to sustain psychological stress), clubs (agility, dexterity, body control) and spades (strenght, stamina). Characteristics are determined taking a random card from a reduced deck with all the cards ranging from 1 to 6.
With the same system, four skills are determined. Skills also range from a value of 1 to a value of 6. The four skills of each character are hearts (communication, creativity, arts, language, psychology), diamonds (organization, leadership, logic), clubs (natural sciences) and spades (technology and applied sciences).
Cyber parts of each character are randomly determined by the game master (the "Mastercyb"), but not revealed until the end of the first adventure.
The game is based on checks on the characteristic or skill that the Mastercyb judges more relevant for the action tried by the character. A random card is picked up from the cards deck. An easy check is considered successful by picking a card with a certain number or less; for a difficult check it should be of the same color of the characteristic/skill (for example, black); for a very difficult check it should be of the same suit as well. Js, Qs and Ks have a value of zero. The red joker is the perfect check, the black one the total failure.
"Challenges" bethween two characters are solved picking a card each and adding the value of the involved characteristic/skill. If the picked card is of the same suit, its value is doubled.
Experience is also based on playing cards, that are picked up randomly from a second deck of cards at the end of each adventure. They can be assembled as instructions to program the mechanical part of the body, gaining extra skills and powers. Each card number is a different kind of instruction, while each suit is a different part of the body.
The two adventures are the introductory "Il risveglio" and the sequel "L'albero della vita". In the first one, the characters wake up in a military base in a desert with memories of the XXIV century, and they have to face the intelligent plants that now rule the world. In the second one, characters can become aware that they are in the military base "Louis BlĂ©riot" at Forrest Lake, southern Australia, and that it is the 27th of june 2521. They will then have to face some more plants and several robots, one of which is "the Alchemist". Besides, they can locate a faint radio broadcast coming from 360 km south-west, with a fragment of Dylan's "Blowin' in the wind" repeated at regular intervals. This can be the start of the first adventure invented by the Mastercyb...