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La Squadriglia degli Assi

Original Language Italian
Edition Ministero dell'Aeronautica - Ufficio Storico, Rome 1994 
Authors Gregory Alegi & Andrea Angiolino 
Illustrators Dario Calì 
Description "La Squadriglia degi Assi" is a classic WWI air combat boardgame, with some original elements in the rules. It has been given as a gift by "Rivista Aeronautica - Notiziario Giovani" (Rivista Aeronautica n. 6/1994, November/Dicember 1994), a magazine for youngsters printed by the Italian Air Force Ministry. 12 pages were dedicated to the basic rules, optional rules and scenarios.
The game depicts all kinds of air mission during World War I: from fighting to recon, from bombing to trench strafing and so on. The counters include every model of airplane that saw operative service on the Italian front between 1914 to 1918, even if in a few exemplars. The map is a full color painting by Dario Calì of an aerial view of the front, reconstructed from real recon photos taken on the Italian-Austrian front during WWI, covered by the classical hex grid.