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La battaglia dei cinque eserciti

Original Language Italian
Edition La Vioce del Drago, Rome 1982 
Authors Andrea Angiolino 
Description Five armies fight around an isolated mountain where a dragon treasure lies. Orcs, Elves, Men, Dwarves, Eagles and even a Ber-Man and a Gray Wizart take part in the battle.
A classic simulation, very influenced by SPI wargames but with some "original" detalis, as the slowly disappearing units where compat points are consumed as result of melee and enemy fire. The game can remind a battle from a famous fantasy novel by a famous fantasy writer with a famous heir with famous lawyers, so no direct reference to anything is made. It appeared on the fanzine "La voce del drago" (n. 3/1982), then on the fanzine "I Signori del Gioco", then on the fanzine "Q" with a fantastic layout and graphic that the magazine Kaos used in november 1997 to give the game as bonus on its 50th issue.