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Original Language Italian
Edition Stream TV, Rome 1997 
Authors Andrea Angiolino 
Description Face2Face is an online air duel game for two players, that Stream TV made for its site It has been developed with the contribute of Pier Giorgio Paglia. The screen contains the relative view of the players' aircraft and all that is needed to play. In the upper left corner ogf the screen is the actual visual of the relative position. At the center there are the buttons to program thye move. At the right there is the speed, ranging from 2 to 5: this means that you can click from 2 to 5 buttons (except if you choose an Immlemann turn, that takes the whole turn). On the upper right part the visual from above of the movement is built while the buttons are clicked. The vertical upper line indicates the resistence of the aircraft and it shortens with damages. At the bottom there is a window for messages from the other player (there is a sort of chat among the two) and game messages from the server. From the same section of the screen it is of course possible to send messages.
Inner views of the "Malta 1942" planes are at
Outer views are at
The game is played in turns. The two players have 30 seconds to build their moves as a sequence of straights, turns, sideslips, and send them to the server: if they don't, the plane goes straight at the same speed of the previous turn. Acceleration and deceleration are simulated in the fact that you can click as many buttons as the previous turn, or one more, or one less. There are some limit, so the buttons are sometime unclickable: you can't turn to the right you cannot immediately turn or sideslip to the left, and viceversa. After a sideslip to the right you can not immediately sideslipt to the left or turn to the right.
As soon as the server gets the plan of the turn from both players, it shows to each player all the sequence of the movement, step by step. Players don't have to shoot: the planes do it automatically every time that it is possible.
The game had a top score. Gamers with 5 victories became aces and shooted more efficiently.
The SF scenario, "Nemesis Spacefighters", takes the setting from the wargame "Nemesis" by Alessandro Gatti and Paolo Parrucci, published in Italian by Oberon Games and in English by Nexus Editrice (who made a boxed edition including a reprint of 12 fighter starships from "Silent Steel"). It had a different kind of movement, that was inertial: the starship went on in the same direction of the previous turn. It could change facing in any moment, while still going in the old direction. It could also give engine to accelerate again and thus change direction in a vectorial way. An energy system was used to give engine, turn, shoot and use shields for protection against enemy fire: batteries would slowly recharge every turn, so too many actions could mean a total loss of energy and the impossibility to do anything for a while.