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Gioco & Giochi
Tra comunicazione e nuove tecnologie

book about games  
Original Language Italian
Collection Scienze sociali e cultura 
Edition Cleup, Padua 2005 
isbn 8871788028 
Authors AAVV 
Curator Enzo Kermol & Mariselda Tessarolo 
Description This book includes 13 essays, some of them from the congress "Games: between comunication and new technologies" held in Trieste Trieste at the Educational Sciences university between the 18th and the 21th of april, 2002.
The book is organized in three sections. The first, "Theories", includes the essats "Game as interactive writing, between new media and the communication civilization" by Beniamino Sidoti; "Reader, author, player: role-playing games and literature" by Piero Biasi; "Designing games to communicate" by Andrea Angiolino; "Net-shaped narrative and possible worlds: shared universes that are falling apart" by Luca Giuliano; "Games and everyday life" by Enzo Kermol. The second section, "Researches", includes: "Playing with media. Game-like consumer styles of youths" by Fabio Tricoli; "Today's children and their games" by Marisella Tessarolo and Livia Gaddi; "Game as a tool to grow up, educate and... enjoy yourself" by Magda Sclaunich; "Sport games" by Noemi Bet. The third part includes "Telecommunication: new edutainment chances for the tourist market " by Roberto Saracco, "From game to judgement: between formal logic and argument" by Marco Cossutta; "Communication in a business company: game space and interaction strategies" by Gabriele Qualizza; "When games tame: Pathological Gamblibg in the psychiatric perspective" by Eugenio Aguglia and Giovanni Austoni.